Smarter Water,
Brighter Life

UNICO brings you the highest grade of quality alkaline water that will help Alkalise, Hydrate, Energise, Antioxidise and Detoxify your body, leading you to optimal holistic health.


Just by drinking good alkaline water, you’re taking a big step in improving your health and well-being. UNICO AW-1000 helps create an alkaline environment within your body that boosts energy, strengthens immunity and keeps your body free of dangerous toxins.


UNICO AW-1000 is also ideal for cooking, as its alkaline nature and smaller water molecule clusters help keep food fresh and delicious! Vegetables cooked with UNICO AW-1000 retain their freshness and crunchiness, while soups, broths and sauces become ore flavorful!.


Cleaning is much easier with UNICO AW-1000, as its smaller molecule clusters penetrate deep into anything from clothes, dry foods and surfaces to clean them from within. The alkaline content also removes dangerous elements, creating a safer more hygienic environment.


  1. Neutralizes Acidity
  2. Boosts Immunity and Decelerates Aging
  3. Detoxifies the Body
  4. Energizes and Revitalizes
  5. Better Hydration
  6. Enriches the Taste of Food & Beverages
  7. Effective Cleansing and Washing

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