1 Beauskin Promist to REPLACE


An extraordinary product that gives ideal performance to promote the natural beauty of the skin and to begin the journey toward a youthful skin!

Our skin need water to function! We tend to think that drinking a lot of water will help replenish our dried skin, thus we drink plenty of water to ensure our body hydrated. Now, you can apply “Water topically” in order to ensure your skin stay hydrated.

This specially designed daily touch facial mist infuses your skin with vital moisture that help refresh, restore and tone the skin. Your skin needs to stay well hydrated in order to remain moist, supple and healthy. This formulation is non-drying to the skin and it gives you an intense sensation of softness to the skin. It has excellent moisturizing effects and at the same time helps reduce the pores and keep skin younger/fresh looking. Its unique texture ensures excellent hydration, providing intense nourishment to skin ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.
Direction Of Use :

Spray onto the face once or twice and allow it to dry. Use morning and night as part of your skin care regimen.
For external use only.

Key Active Ingredients


20 Years Younger Anti-aging Plan


Multi-function from FOLIC ACID
(Vitamin B9)



7 NOs

No Preservative Added

-Paraben FREE / NO MIT.
-Paraben posses estrogen-mimicking properties that are associated with increasing risk of breast cancer.

No Sulfate

-Sulfate might cause allergic skin reaction / skin irritation.
-Sulfate causes health concern / Carcinogen.

No Silicone

-Silicone causes allergic skin reaction / Skin irritation.
-Usage of natural source. Allow the skin perform normal activities like sweating (No clog pores).

No Mineral Oil

-Mineral oil might cause skin irritation.
-Mineral oil causes health concern / Carcinogen.

No Lanolin

-Lanolin can cause allergic skin reaction.
-Support “Cruelty Free” activity.

No Animal Origin Ingredients

-Cruelty Free.
-Support & promote “Veganism”.
-Prevent allergic skin reaction.

No Synthetics Fragrances

-Synthetics fragrances might cause allergic skin reaction.
-Synthetics fragrances will cause respiratory distress too.

Multifunction In A Single Product

  • Oil control within T-zone Area
  • Smoothing and calms your skin
  • Erases wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce Eyebag
  • Contour and sculps
  • Improve skin firming and elasticity
  • Tighten pores
  • Beautify skin tones and face moisturizing

If this happens to you, don’t worry, it is a good/positive sign. Keep reading to find out what happend. Keep continue using this product.

Skin sensitive reaction, dehydration

Shed off dead cells

Red Spot or Rashes
Toxic overloaded, detoxification reaction

Skin inflammation, low immunity & resistance

Swollen with Pain
Microcirculation blockage, Facial nerve paralysis or hemiplegic

Dark Spot
Rebound effect, skin contains mercury

Hydrating process fails to keep up with the escalated metabolic rate

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