Sea Cucumber and Passion Fruit Juice

Gamat Markisa Plus consists of sea cucmber and passion fruit which are rich in nutrients and mineral.

How to use

Twice a day:Before breakfast, before dinner.
10ml each usage.

Suitable for

Anyone can take Gamat Markisa Plus
Patients with gastrointestinal problems please use with doctor advice.


The Golden Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumber is proved to be high in nutrients and effective in improving overall body health.

Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2.

Help replenish body energy and maintain healthy antibody.

Contain varies of Minerals

Provide calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron for body needs.

High in protein

Cure trauma, internal injuries and help building cell.

High in fatty acids such as EPA and DHA

Slow down the aging process and minimize the damage of body cells.

woman-babyCure trauma and internal injuries
blood-pressureReduce risk of high blood pressure
woman-oldStrengthen bone and teeth
woman-wrinkleTake care your hair and skin
women-specProtect eyes and vision
bodyBalancing the body PH.
man-tiredRemove fatigue
woman-healthyReplenish energy

Passion Fruit (Markisa)

With sweet and sour taste, rich in varies of nutrients and essential mineral for our body.

Rich in Vitamin C

Passion fruit is so rich in vitamin C, taking one passion fruit will help you obtain 50% of the daily need of vitamin C of your body.


The high quantity of anti-oxidant in passion fruit, helps anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti inflammation.

Passion Fruit For Your Health


Improve your digest process

Passion fruit helps in improving digest issues such as constipation and hyperacidity and also protecting effect towards stomach and bowel.


Beta carotene

Beta carotene in passion fruit helps the growth of teeth and bone, strengthen body structure, reduce risk of arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and depression.


Iron for blood

There are about 4mg of iron in an bowl of passion fruit. Iron is essential for our body to build new blood cells.


Rich in Folic Acid

Folic acid helps maintain the mental and brain health. For mothers who are having baby, folic acid helps to prevent fetal defect.


Potassium for Heart

For every 100g of passion fruit pulps, there are about 348mg of potassium. Potassium is used by our body to regulate the heartbeat and control blood pressure too.


High Quality Fiber

Every 100g of passion fruists contain 10.4g (27%) of fiber. Fiber helps reducing cholesterol and also protect the intestinal mucous membrane from toxic substances.


High in Carbohydrate but Low in Calorie

Passion fruit helps in controlling body weight as it is low in calorie, fat and sodium. However, passion fruit contains sufficient carbohydrate and natural sugar to replenish stamina for daily routine.


Rich in Vitamin C

Nutirents found in passion fruit is proved to help in relieving asthma attack. Besides, passion fruit is helpful to insulate histamine, a cause to asthma attack.

Passion Fruit For Your Beauty


Anti-oxidation agent found in passion fruit is greatly effective in anti-aging of our skin. Furthermore, anti-oxidant found in passion fruit is soluble in water which make it easier to be digest by human body.

Control Body Wieght

Passion fruit is low in calorie, only 97cal found in every 100g of passion fruit. Beside passion fruit is low in sodium and fat too. Passion fruit is rich in carbohydrate and natural sugar to supply energy to our  body for our daily routine. There are high quantity of fiber found in passion fruit, which is good to control appetite and diet.

Seamlessly Beautiful Skin

The high content of Vitamin C in passion fruit is helpful to maintain the health of your skin. Taking passion fruit regularly will improve the condition of your skin, always smooth, soft and beautiful.

As Facial Mask

Passion fruit can make a great facial mask. The anti-oxidant, the cooling and comfort effect make passion fruit the favorite choice to be used as facial mask. See below for tips to make a DIY facial mask from passion fruit.


Apply this tip regularly and you can see the result as your face getting brighter, softer.

Tip: Make your own passion fruit facial mask

  1. Get a ripe passion fruit, split into half, get the seeds, separate the seeds from pulps.
  2. Mashed the seeds and put in a container. Add water as needed.
  3. Put the mashed seeds onto your face, let them stay for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Wash your face with warm water, and then apply cold towel (towel wrapped with ice) to your face. Finally, wash your face and clean with dry towel.

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