Who can benefit from Spirulina Gamat Liquid?


Amazing Benefits of Spirulina Gamat Liquid

Spirulina Gamat Liquid provides varies of nutrients which are important and beneficial to our body:

  • Encourage the growth of new cells to replace old and damaged cells.
  • Minimize cell wearing.
  • Anti-aging and anti-oxidation.
  • Mantain your hair and skin in healthy condition.
  • Cure trauma and internal injuries, good for mothers who just giving birth.
  • Increase energy and stamina.
  • Stabilize sugar level in blood.
  • Reduce high blood pressure.
woman-babyCure trauma and internal injuries
blood-pressureReduce risk of high blood pressure
woman-oldStrengthen bone and teeth
woman-wrinkleTake care your hair and skin
women-specProtect eyes and vision
bodyBalancing the body PH.
man-tiredRemove fatigue
woman-healthyReplenish energy

The Ingredients of Spirulina Gamat Liquid

Spirulina Gamat Liquid consists of many precious ingredients, include sea cucumber and spirulina.


The Golden Sea Cucumber

High value components in Sea cucumber is effective in archiving optimal health.

Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2.

Help replenish body energy and maintain healthy antibody.

Contain varies of Minerals

Provide calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron for body needs.

High in protein

Cure trauma, internal injuries and help building cell.

High in fatty acids such as EPA and DHA

Slow down the aging process and minimize the damage of body cells.



Algae in blue and greenish color. So called “Super Food” because it is 100% alkaline, excellent in balancing the PH of body.

Vegetable Protein

As much as 60% of protein found in Spirulina is vegetable protein that easy to be digested.

Contains Fitonutrien

Include phycocyanin, polysaccharides and sulfolipid which minimize the risk of infection.

Natural Carotenoids

Anti-oxidation which is anti-aging and improve overall body health.

Iron for blood cell

Blood cell building and prevention of Anemia.


of Spirulina

  1. Rich in nutrients and vitamins
  2. Balance the body PH
  3. Anti-aging and anti-oxidation
  4. Help detoxication process
  5. Improve oxygen circulation in blood
  6. Prevent Anemia
  7. Maintain cholesterol at healthy level
  8. Contain Vitamin B6 as much as 4 bamboo sprouts
  9. Contain protein 3 times more than chicken
  10. Contain acid amino 4 times more than soya bean
  1. Contain chlorophyll 20 times more than wheatgrass
  2. Contain Y a-linolenik acid 3 times more than Oenothera biennis
  3. Maintain eye health and vision
  4. Maintain healthy skin and hair
  5. Improve immune system
  6. Prevent cancer
  7. Replenish cell energy
  8. Control high blood pressure
  9. Strengthen bone and teeth
  10. Easy to be digested

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