Advantages of Unico Energy Card

Innovative, High Technology From German.
100% effective.

Legally Valid and Recognized
  • Comply with electrical safety standards
  • Safe to use on all types of petrol or diesel vehicles, homes, offices, factories, hotels and others.
  • Reduce electromagnetic radiation to human body
  • Water-proof and heat resistance

Contains Thousands of Negative ION and FIR That Are Benificial To Human Body

  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Reduce migraine
  • Reduce back pain and arthristis
  • Get rid of body odor
  • Activate water molecule in drinks
  • Activate body fluid
  • Keep food fresh in refrigerator
  • Eliminate bacteria effectively

Ion Energy

The last experiment on UNICO ENERGY SAVING CARD proved it contains more than 17,000 Ions.

Benefit of Negative Ion to Human Body

  • Help rebalance the autonomic system of the organs in the body
  • Improve permeability of cell membrane
  • Strengthen body immune system

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Silver Package – RM398.00 – 3 cards
  2. Gold Package – RM1990.00 – 15 cards
  3. Platinum Package – RM3950.00 – 30 cards, Get 20 cards Free (Promotion ends on 31st May 2016)
Selling price of UNICO Smartcard is RM175.00 each.
Generally, UNICO Smartcard can be used up to 3 years. Serial number on card can be used to track its production date.
UNICO Smartcard is made of PVC plastic, with negative ion in the inside.
UNICO Smartcard contains at least 16,000, up to 17,000 negative ion.
Latest high-technology from German, proved 99.99% effective.

The main functions for UNICO Energy Saving Smartcard as below:

  • Prolong the lifespan of electric appliance and car engine
  • Control and smoothing electric current to prevent short-circuit
  • Reduce the wasting of electric and petrol
  • Increase power efficiency
  • Protect human body from harmful electromagnetic radiation
Stick UNICO Smartcard to the petrol tank cover or the main power box in your home or premise.
UNICO Smartcard works by reducing the wasting of petrol when you are filling petrol. It works by radiating microwave which will prevent the petrol vapor from escaping the tank. Hence with same amount of petrol, you can get more mileage with the helps of UNICO Smartcard.
UNICO Smartcard does not reduce the usage of electric. It works by radiating microwave that help to smoothen the electric current wave. This will make the electrtic current comes in an more uniform wave, which reduce the wasting and also protect your electric appliance.

The optimize number of UNICO Smartcard and the effect are as below:

  1. Electric Bill Saving:
    1 card= save up to RM250
    2 cards = save up to between RM250 and RM500
    3 cards = save up to between RM500 and RM750
  2. Petrol saving:
    1 card = < 1400cc
    2 cards = < 2000cc

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